Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Married A Poet

In a box in my room
I found a lotta pieces of paper, full of poems
I found several notebooks, full of poems
I found the oldest year was written there, 1999
There is a name, name of a girl

Iis Siti...*
(hahahaha, gotcha! :D)

*She is my husband's ex girlfriend when he was in junior high school. So many poems was written for her. Jealous? No! It's funny plus proud when I know he is writing poems for so long. And still keep it even though it was worn. I read and know he grows up with words.

Today is 1st month anniversary of our marriage. I'll make trails. For you, for us, for our life. I love you 'til the end...


  1. Muhun, Dab. Masa namina Iis urang Ambon, teu mungkin. Hahaha :D

  2. Mantabbbbb...... Anak sastra jodohnya ama anak sastra.... Goooddd....

    Selamat 1 bulan pernikahan buuuu.....



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